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There are thousands of properties the banks are trying to get rid of. They have lost money and are selling cheap. Most mortgages are thirty years to thirty three years. This means we are currently going back to the early 1980ís when these mortgages started.

Sadly, over the last five years or so when the economy started collapsing, people were that close to paying off their homes. Millions lost their homes when they lost their jobs. The banks suddenly had all these properties back and lost thousands and even millions in dollars.

Foreclosures that are bank owned can be bought at auction or walking into a bank. If searching another area, a person could buy a vacation home or go into business. They would buy the house, fix them up, and then sell them. This is called flipping. People have become rich by doing this.

Searching this site will show what the banks have currently listed. What properties are in preforeclosure, foreclosed ready for auction, and short sale. Short sale is a new way not to go into foreclosure. The banks will negotiate the property at a deep discounted rate. It is a win-win for the bank and the property owner. The person can finance the mortgage through the bank or use their own lender. Even paying out right in cash can save thousands of dollars.

The main thing to search for is your budget. Go about five to ten thousand dollars over it. It is just a suggestion as foreclosed properties are pennies on the dollar. If you could not afford a home that was one hundred thousand dollars, you could find them for fifty thousand dollars and a lot of times even less than that.

The reason is just because it is a foreclosed home, the real estate market is still down. The price of property has gone down because of the economy crashing. So, a lot of properties are up to fifty thousand dollars less than what you would have paid ten years ago.

Instead of searching for traditional thirty and fifty thousand dollar homes, try ten and twenty thousand in the searches. You would be amazed at what you will discover. These homes are worth so much more.

The amount of acreage or having a double lot that is improved is a huge plus. Land adds value. Always remember that. You can sell off an acre after purchasing a foreclosure and use that money to improve the property or pay off the property itself.

There are many foreclosures that are bank owed. All the bank wants to do is get some of their money back as fast as possible. Constantly search a few times a day as listings are always being added. Use creativity in your searches and bookmark your important finds.

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