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A mobile house is not just a trailer that all of us know from the 1960's. The dangerous metal boxes can burn down in less than five minutes. They are also not insurable in most states. Today's laws state if they are inside the city limits, these mobile homes are grandfathered in. This means if the homes are there, they can stay there. As soon as the trailer is demolished or moved elsewhere, then a home or another structure has to be built.

There is good news in this. For one, a property has value. So, buying a property with an old trailer on it can bring money in multiple ways. First, haul out the old trailer for scrap metal. Yes, all that metal is recyclable for cash!

Hire someone to help clean up the entire property. Use the concrete slab the trailer was on for a new gazebo or outdoor patio. If it will not be near your new house you are building, make it a covered patio for outdoor entertaining. Remember you are adding value to your property!

If the property you purchased has acreage on it, then donate a half acre to one acre to each of your children so they can have their own permanent place to live. Or sell off the property at one acre a piece. This insures your privacy as neighbors are not close together. This additional cash can help build your dream home!

The other great news when it comes to mobile homes, they are not called trailers anymore. There are many styles and configurations of mobile homes. This means in some cities, there is a minimum year a mobile home was built to be allowed to be set up inside the city limits.

These homes are made of wood just like a house is. The home insurance will cover these as mobile home insurance. This is real coverage just like a home would be insured. For example, wind damage from a tornado or a fire.

A mobile home and a manufactured home sometimes look like a trailer but the roof is solid wood along with the floors. The walls can be either wood or a mix of metal and wood with insulation. A manufactured home can look like a house and no one would ever know the difference!

There are fire retardant materials that are also used. This was the number one reason back in the day a trailer was not safe to live in.

A mobile home can cost about the same as a traditional house and sometimes less. They are made inside a factory. This makes your home stronger. Instead of building a house traditionally on the property, there can be damage from rain, snow, sun, and bugs.

Look for a modular home for example. These are beautiful homes with high ceilings and open spaces to connect your rooms. They can make the home light and airy.

Purchase a modern day mobile home and move into a senior community so you will not be alone. A senior community is age fifty-five and up and is designed for adults only. There are a lot of mobile homes for sale in these parks!

When doing a search for a mobile home, use different words and think outside the box. Search everything discussed and you will be amazed at how much money you can save. Just change your way of thinking.

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